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At Home/In Office Exercise Tips For The New Year

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Here are a few exercises you can do in between working at your desk. Now, even if you are stuck in the office,  you have no excuse not to stay fit this year.

1. Chair Dips

While you’re waiting for files to transfer, do a few dips to help keep those flabby parts on the back of your arms, the triceps, tight and lean!dips1) Back your chair against the desk.  2) Sit in your chair and grip the bottom of the seat with your hand.  3) Walk your feet outward until your body clears the chair. Use your arms to dip your body down and then up again.  Do 10-12 dips and repeat 3-5 times at once or throughout the day.

2. Chair Leg Lifts

Leg lifts are a  great way target the lower abs.  Here’s how you can do them without getting out of your seat!
set-leg-lift11) While sitting in your chair, put your hands above your head and grab the top of the chair.  2) Lean down into the chair so that your but is near the bottom of the seat (you can use a pillow under your lower back for support.)  3) With your legs straight and together, lift them up as high as you can, then bring them down. Do 5-10 lifts and repeat 3-5 times at once or throughout the day.

2. Floor Leg Lifts

If you have room and you can use the floor, doing the leg lifts while lying on your back will be easier and give you the same great results for your lower abs!
floor-leg-lift1) Lie on your back with your hands to your sides or across your chest. Keep your legs together.  2) Lift your legs straight up then slowly lower them down stopping before you touch the floor.  3) Do 10-12 lifts and repeat 3-5 times at once or throughout the day.

3. Squats

Squats are an excellent exercise your for your outer and inner thighs. Take a break from sitting to do this short exercise that can burn more fat than cardio.

squats1) Stand with your feet shoulder length apart and your feet pointed outward.  2) Squat down until your legs are at a 90 degree angel.  3) Stand up straight again. 3) Do 10-12 squats and repeat 5-10 times at once or throughout the day.

Watch as my sons demonstrate these workout tips!

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