2016 Closet Organization and Decor

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Here are a few organizational tips to help keep your closet neat for the New Year and beyond!

store-away-clothesWhen cleaning and organizing your closet this year,  go through all the items on the rack and remove anything that you will not be wearing this season. This will give you more room to see your clothes.  For the clothes that you do take out, decide if you will ever wear those items again. If you still love it and it fits but is out of season, store it away.  These large flat containers are great for storing under the bed or tucking away in a corner of the closet until next season.  If it is in good condition but you don’t love it anymore give it away. Donate to Good Will or your favorite charity.  There are many organizations like Hope House and Inspire that will also pick up your donations! Remember, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure!


hanger-tipWhen you reach for your outfit from the rack, don’t just pull the clothes off the hanger, take the hanger with the clothes. This will give you a lot more room and make your closet look neat when there are no stay hangers cluttering up the rack.  Put your empty hangers in a dedicated place on the rack or in a basket on the floor.


drawer-tipTo add more room to your drawers, roll your clothes side by side instead of folding them on top of one another.  This way you will be able to see everything in your drawer at a glance. You’ll also find that you have more room for everything!

Take a look at this video to see how my closet went from a cluttered mess to a beautiful dressing boutique! Find lots of great decorating ideas and more organizing tips.

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