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Distress, Chalk Paint Technique

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With a little chalk paint and some sand paper,  I turn an old dresser into a beautiful vanity for my closet! Here’s how you can give your furniture a shabby chic look with chalk paint.

dresserI my neighbor was giving away this dresser (on the right) so I took it to use as extra storage in my closet.  I’m redecorating and reorganizing my closet so I wanted to give the space a light elegant look (final dresser painted with chalk paint on left.)

dresser-suppliesFor this technique I used American Decor white chalk paint and Creme Wax,  a small shed-resistant roller brush, a paint brush and sand paper.

dresser-step2First remove all the hardware and drawers. Then clean the surface with a damp rag. The best thing about using chalk paint is you don’t have to sand or prime the furniture before painting.

dresser-step3Pour a small amount of chalk paint and roll evenly across the piece of furniture. Use a paint brush to get the hard to get areas. Then give it a second coat.

dresser-step4After the furniture is completely dry use sand paper to wear the corners and higher areas to your liking.

dresser-step5Apply the wax all over painted areas with a lint free rag. Rub the wax on then buff it into the piece.


Watch how this dresser brightened up my closet!

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