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I’ve always loved the look of crackled glass, and wanted to make my own. So after experimenting for a while, I’ve come up with a quick and easy affect to give my glass that crackled look!

crackled-glass-suppliesFor this project, you’ll need a clean glass piece, Crayola crayons (gray and white), glitter glue (you can find this at the Dollar Tree) and a clear, non-yellowing protective coating spray.

crackled-glass1Using a light gray crayon, draw vertical lines across the glass all the way around. Include lines at the bottom of the glass piece.

crackled-glass3Next, draw arc shaped horizontal lines all away around the glass piece.

crackled-glass4Repeat the same process using a white crayon. Be sure to also draw lines on the lip of the glass.

crackled-glass5After you’ve gotten the cracked pattern that you like, use glitter glue to paint sparkles all around the piece. Fill your paint brush what a good amount of glitter glue and paint in a crosshatch motion.

crackled-glass6After the glue is completely dry, take the glass pieces outside and spray with two coats of a clear protective spray paint. Make sure your glass piece is completely covered with the spray protection, if not your glue and crayon effect will wash off with water.

crackled-glass7When you’re finished, you’ll be able to enjoy the beautiful crackled glass look without the expense or having to blow glass!

Watch how I created these pieces!

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