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DIY – Make Your Own Tree House Plant

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Here’s how I made my own house plant using things I found around my make my plant leaves I painted about 10 sheets of green construction paper a natural green color on one side and a darker green on the other side. I then sprayed the sheets with a clear coating to give them a little shine. Next I cuts strips into the sheets similar to a grass skirt with points at the end of each strips.

diy-tree-step11To make my plant base.  I found long similar sticks from outside.  I used a planter I already had and hot glued floral foam to the bottom.  Then I pushed the sticks into the foam and stuffed newsprint around the sticks to keep them in place. To finish I topped the planter with Spanish moss.

diy-tree-step33I used a hot glue gun to glue the leave sheets to the top of each stick. Starting from the top, I spiraled downward as I glued each turn. Then I made sure each end had a sharp point by trimming them with scissor so that the plant looked natural.

diy-treeNow I have what looks like a $100 plant at no cost!

Watch how I create my own Dracaena Marginata house plant that look better than any artificial plant you’ve ever seen!

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