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DIY Serving/Chafing Dishes

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I am always entertaining for the holidays and I love feeding my guest! I have been looking for a nice set of chafing dishes to serve and warm my food in style but have never gotten around to saving up for the expensive pieces.  When I was in my neighborhood farmer’s market,  I found assorted sizes of stainless steel bowls.  The bowls were very shiny and had a flat bottom and flat rim, which made one sit perfect on top of the other. I thought, “Hey I can make serving dishes with tops out of this!”  So I used the stainless steel bowls and candle stick holders to make beautiful chafing dishes!! Here’s how I made myself an inexpensive set:


1) I bought different size bowls for $2 -$6 each.  2) I used a few candle stick holders as a stand for the dishes.  3) I used Gorilla Epoxy to bond the candle sticks to the bowls.


4) I used a second bowl as a top.  5) Then I attached a top handle with the epoxy. I used small candle stick holders, and napkin rings with flat bottoms as handles.  6) You can use anything that works for the legs and the top handles as long as it has a flat side to attach to the bowls.


7) You can use chafing fuel to heat the pans.  8) I added water at the bottom of the pan and put my food in a slightly smaller pan to sit on top covered.

Now I can beautifully present my food for the holidays and keep it warm!

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