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Want to live like royalty on a shoestring budget? Now you can have the elegant items found in your favorite home decor stores, at a fraction of the cost … by recreating them yourself! Using inexpensive, easy to find items and detailed instructions, you will be creating like a pro with Volume 1 of my favorite DIY home projects

In this book you’ll learn to make items such as Faux Mercury Glass, Crackled Glass, and the Mosaic and Stained-Glass look. You will learn how to Distress, Patina and Bronze home items using different painting techniques. You’ll also learn how to brighten up your space by creating, arranging and displaying realistic looking Paper Flowers, Plants and Topiaries. Create beautiful Holiday Decor, Table and Event Centerpieces, Garden Treasures and many other fun projects, using step-by-step, easy to follow instructions and templates.

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Paperback  – $35.00

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Set of 8 Colors – $15.99




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