Creating a Backyard Retreat


Inexpensive solutions to a beautiful backyard get-a-way!


My two sons used my backyard as a dirt-bike track for years, creating ruts and hill jumps everywhere so that eventually there was no grass or leveled area left – only dirt and trees! When the neighbors finally declared that they couldn’t take the noise any more, I saw this as the perfect opportunity to take my backyard back and turn it into the dream garden I had always wanted. I imagined pleasant areas where I could sit and enjoy the sunshine, or the shade from the mature trees that surrounded the yard, and breathe in the beauty of the outdoors. Since I didn’t want to spend a fortune building a stone patio, I decided to make a few unique seating areas instead.


(My yard before)


Firstly, I dumped a truck full of dirt into the yard and spread it around until it was level enough to walk across.


Next, I used landscape edging to define three large circular areas.


I added mulch inside the circles and I buried pavers (a steal at 99 cents each!) to form a path around the yard, meandering in and out of the circles to create a relaxed, informal feel.


I decorated the seating areas with plants and flowers, rocks I found in the yard, and furniture I already had on my deck. Then I added sod around the pavers and in the area outside of the circles


I considered putting a fountain right here, as a centerpiece for the main area, but finally chose to move this pretty planter from my porch instead.  I love the way it turned out!


I ADORE my new outdoor space! Now I get to spend time in my yard every day – with my husband, my family, my friends – or (and I confess this is sometimes my favorite) by myself.


So, for a little under $1,000, I totally transformed my yard and gave my family and myself a great new place to entertain, relax and renew our spiritsice!