Chaos Contained! – Organizing small closet spaces

 JUNE 6, 2014 AT 6:22 PM   /   BY TONI SCOTT-DANIEL

I have a tiny pantry in my kitchen and it was, well, a mess!  I had cans, snack boxes and layers and layers of cereal, most of which were the same, but I would never know because I couldn’t see them behind all the others. After I started seeing pantry flies, I decided I needed help!  In walks LaShorn Love, an organizer from In Logical Order Too , who changes my life. LaShorn showed me how to keep not only my pantry but all my closets and drawers organized and beautiful. Here are some tips for clearing your small space and your mind in the process.


 The Pantry:


First of all, figure out what items you and your family use the most. These items should be the only things visible in your pantry, and VISIBLE is the key word here! You want to make sure you can see everything that is in your pantry at a glance. So get rid of all the boxes in exchange for clear containers. If you are holding individually wrapped items, open bins or baskets with all of your kids and your favorite snacks, will literally make you fill like a kid in a candy store!


Only put out a few different cereals at a time and refill as needed. Storing bowls next to the cereal will give your kids easy access to what they want in one place.


If you have a garage or a storage room, you can hide your can goods and bulk items on utility racks against the wall. You would go here when you need to replenish your pantry.




Opened boxes and jars also work well in the clothes closet when displaying your bags and jewelry.  Those wire racks work great for hanging your earrings and hanging hooks to hold your necklaces and bracelets. Display your shoes so you can see them all.  Hang like color clothes together so it easy to find what you need to wear. Use the same style and color hanger for all your clothes and always take the hanger off the rack when getting your clothes down. Store unused hangers together, way from your clothes, in an area where you can easily get to them. This will remove clutter around your clothes and keep your closet looking neat!


Using well spaced containers will make everything look beautiful and make it harder get keep messy. You don’t have to spend a fortune on containers. You can use what you already have around the house, even takeout containers work great!