Discount Front Door Fall

October 24, 2021   /   BY TONI SCOTT-DANIEL


Decorating outdoors for the seasons can be fun especially for the Fall holidays of Halloween and Thanksgiving. I like to setup for the long run, so I try to create something that is bold and colorful but natural and will last until Christmas. I was out of town on a family emergency and just got back right before Halloween, so here are a few tricks I used to decorate for the Fall that was fast and inexpensively!



I like to go to the Farmers Market to find colorful pumpkins, gourds and squashes to use for my outside decor. The market cost is a lot less than the patch and I  have a market  5 minutes away.



AT my neighborhood Walmart I found Fall flowers in the discount section. I was able to find quite a few in really full Mums and in great condition for just $2.00 each!



I've collected a lot of extra silk flowers from making wreaths over the years, so I used my own supplies and found flowers to match the mums and pumpkins I have setup on the porch. I made two beautiful wreaths that didn't cost me a thing, using the items I already had. Another time and money saver.



I reused my old pots and placed the flowers and assortment of pumpkins in interesting groups of 3 around the porch and down the stairs.



To make something that looks like corn stalks and to add a more festive Fall look, I cut a few stems of the reed from our yard and put in a pot in the background behind the flowers and pumpkins.


This turned out great for a quick and easy setup. And since I used most of what I had, I did everything in one afternoon and all I spent was $40.00!