Create your dream kitchen for your very real budget!

JULY 31, 2014 AT 4:43 PM   /   BY TONI SCOTT-DANIEL

I had a 20 year old kitchen with the standard white cabinets and appliances, which included a small electric stove. This didn’t work well for the chef I tried to be, or for the 50 or so people I have over every year for Thanksgiving. After having to bake macaroni and cheese inside my outdoor grill, because I was out of space in my oven, I vowed that by the same time next year I would have a new kitchen (with at least two ovens)!


I didn’t want to spend a fortune on a new kitchen, but I wanted to have a space that I would love for a very long time…because, after all this kitchen is where I live! So here is how I made my dream kitchen a reality:


I looked through lots kitchen and home magazine to get ideas of what I wanted. I pined up pics of kitchens that I just loved on my vision board!


Because I have experience with computer graphics, I used a 3D program to build my kitchen, so I could the see what different counter tops, floors, wall color and everything would look like when the project is complete. This really inspired me and helped me to decide on exactly what I wanted. There are lots of simple programs online and apps that you can use to design a room but you don’t have to design it yourself, you can also talk your ideas out with a designer, or contractor.



Next I took my plans to a big home store where there was a designer who could tell me exactly what my plans would cost. She said this was about a 40,000 kitchen, but I hold her my budget was 20,000. After working with her, together we found ways to cut back on the cost but still get the same look and quality I wanted.


A few of my savings were:


I did a lot of research online and found a great range, a 36″ NXR with griddle.  It had all the BTUs and everything I wanted from the Wolf or Viking for one third of the price.


I got great deals on all my appliance for getting most of them all at the same home store.


My biggest savings came from the choices I made on the kitchen cabinets: When working with the home store designer, I picked out a beautiful Thomasville Maple cabinet with lots of detail and an amaretto crème glaze. After seeing that that particular cabinet would cost me around $18,000, and would not work in my budget, this is how I cut back:


I chose a Thomasville maple cabinet with a very simple style and kept the amaretto glaze so that it had close to the same look as the more expensive one (I was lucky to get the glaze for free because of a promotion that was going on at the time)

Instead of the Thomasville hardware, which was $28 dollars each I chose the home store hardware for $3.00 each.


Instead of the Thomasville build-in banquette seating, I used these storage ottoman benches I found for for $64 each.


Instead of the built-in pot rack I wanted, I made my own for under $20.


I also made a little butler’s pantry by keeping one of my old kitchen cabinets and finding an old cabinet at a thrift store for $20. I painted them both and used the same hardware as my new cabinets.


So my new kitchen cabinet selections ended up costing me $7484.70, that’s over a $10,000 savings!


I also saved a lot of time and and stress by letting the home store handle all the details of the construction and installation.  Everything was delivered and installed when it was suppose to and the workers were here working when the home store said they would be! Most companies will also work out financing with you on your project.


So, with cuts here and there, great deals and smart decisions I was actually able to get this kitchen for half the price!