Sparkling White Crystal Christmas Wreath DIY

December 15, 2021  /   By Toni Scott-Daniel


Here's how you can created this beautiful, sparkling, crystal Christmas wreath for less than $20 using all items from the Dollar Store.


For this project I'm using:

4 small, white wreaths

1 pack each small and medium sized silver and antique gold bulbs

2 sets Antique and silver decorative ornaments

2 packs small mirror mosaic ball ornaments

2 large silver decorative bulbs

1 bag of clear acrylic gems

1 bag of tiny silver forks

1 white and one silver wide spool of ribbon

1 decorative doorknob bell

Hot glue gun

Needle nose pliers

Utility wire

*All my items found at Dollar Tree.



The small wreaths I bought are about 14 inches around and I would like to have a big, round, full one, so I'm going to take all 4 apart. They each have three little metal rings and I'm going to use my needle nose pliers to pry it open and take the rings off so that I can expand the pieces.



I'm using pieces of utility wire to twist tie the ends together. I'm starting with  two pieces and I'm shaping it into a larger round circle to  make one that's about 22 to 24. I'll use two more loose wreaths and I'm going to sit those just right inside the first two and tie those to the wreath with the utility wire. After all four wreaths are tied together, I'm fanning out all the branches. Now I'm ready to decorate.



I'm going to start with a pack of small silver and antique bulbs and I'm going to hot glue them evenly around the wreath. Then a pack of medium-sized bulbs  alternating the gold and a silver. To give it lots of sparkle, I also used small mirrored mosaic balls and silvery sequins light bulbs that look like sparkling pine cones.



Now I'd like to put a few large ornaments at the bottom left of this wreath. So I'm going to alternate the two different pieces. I'm tucking the flat pieces towards the inside back and  alternating that with large balls.



Now I'd like to make something that looks like crystal branches. To do this  I'm using  little tiny silver forks and crystal gems. Holding the fork face side up, I'll take 3 crystal gems and  hot glue the pieces evenly spaced from extending over the top of the fork to the part where it curves near the neck. I made about 18 of these pieces and I'm going to put a little hot glue on the fork side and  stick them into the wreath.


I alternated between placing them in towards the center and out towards the back. I also placed a few of these in the very center so they look more like little crystal branches.



At the bottom I'll add a little silver doorknob bell and to give it a little bit of a crystal look, I'm glue on some rhinestones. I'm using a little piece of wire to attach that right to the bottom of the wreath.


Using silver and white ribbon, I'll pull out the whole spool of each Dollar Tree ribbons and line the pieces up together. I fold the set in half and wrap it around the top of the wreath. I extend the top of the ribbon from the fold 6-12 inches from the top of the wreath for hanging. I tied a knot around the wreath towards the back. With the longer ends I tied a double bow towards the top front. Roll or fold loops in the long ends of the ribbon and draping those over the sides of the wreath.


I have a little nail head at the top of the inside of my door so I tied a piece of wire around the extended ribbon and attached it to the nail to hang from the door, but you could use a door hanger if you'd like.


So now I have a beautiful crystal sparkling, white wreath to welcome my guests.