From Trash to Garden Treasure



Don’t throw that away! One man’s trash could be just the perfect new jewel in your garden. Here’s how you can make something beautiful out of what you might otherwise want to get rid of.


For years we had this conch shell that my husband brought back from Barbados. I could never find a place to display it, and it just didn’t go with my decor. So the shell set on a shelf in a corner. When I was sure my husband had forgotten about it and I could through it out, I realized it would be a great home for lovely little plants on my bistro table.


My burned out scented candles were filled with succulents, rocks and water to make beautiful little terrariums. The colorful wax at the bottom is a definite plus!


 All the ice coffee jars in the recycling bin came in handy at my son’s graduation party. I filled the jars with wicks and citronella candle wax, wrapped them with black screen material and tied them with black wire. These hot little lanterns lit up the party with style while keeping the bugs away!


I got this beautiful vintage wrought iron candle lantern at a garage sale. Can you believe someone wanted to get rid of this! I can’t imagine my evenings without sitting on my deck to the warm glow and the amazing shadows it makes on the ceiling of the screened in porch.


 I bought this piece at a thrift store for $5. It’s the perfect jewel against the wrought iron spindles. I feel like it was custom made for my deck.


So next time you get ready to toss something in the trash, take a good long look at it. With the right touch, it could become your greatest treasure!